Chapter 16 (June): p. 135 - 138

      The sixteenth chapter is written from June’s perspective. After a other day with Day they are enjoying an bottle of wine. Day is a little bit inebriated, June not, because she didn't have as large swigs as Day.

June tries to find out for what Day is stealing all the money, but she only gets questions as answers.

Then happens something June didn't expected. Day tells her that he thinks she is very attractive. When she answers him, that he is also attractive and the kiss each other June ignores her reflexes she trained at Drake University the first time and accepts what's happening.

Then they go sleeping and June notices something little but really important. Before he lies down Day grabs at his neck, like there would be a necklace, but there is nothing.

June immediately remembers the necklace in her pocket. The necklace Day lost when he killed her brother.