Chapter 13 (Day): p. 110 - 119


 The thirteenth chapter is written from Day's perspective. He rescued a girl from a Skiz-fight and takes her with him. Tess is nursing her wounds and talks a little bit with her.

But Day Notices that the girl is hiding something. He understands that the girl don't want to tell her name, but her sector is far away and he sees in her eyes, that she tries to solve his mysteries.

Later, when the girl and Tess are sleeping, Day goes to the house of his family. He sees his brother John and his mother having an animated discussion. Eden's shape didn't get better yet and they have no possibilities to buy the responsible medics.Day under a window when he finds a box, like Tess and he did before at the lake. It makes a gurgling bubbling noise, but he has no idea what it is.