Chapter 12 (June): p. 105 - 109

The twelfth chapter is from June's perspective. She's worried about losing the fight, she's concerned that she can accidentally kill Kaede, when she stumbles into the Skiz match. Because she learned at Drake the martial arts skills. She is about to win the fight, when Kaede pulls out a hidden knife and stabs her in the side even though it is against the rules. June gets her revenge soon enough by twisting Kaede's arm and breaking it so that the the knife falls out. Even she was supposed to choose another to fight with her now, she leaves the ring, because she knows how serious her wound is. The crowd get`s angry since they still want to bet on the game, but June runs outside. As she risk to look behind a few gamblers were chasing here and try to force her back into the match. June is about to upset when she notices that someone sets off a dust bomb. In the perplexity, Day reaches her hand and leads her out.