Chapter one (Day): p. 1 - 10


The science fiction novel “Legend” written by Marie Lu in 2013 is about the boy, Day who is hunted in his whole home country, by a girl who thinks he killed her brother.  

The first chapter is written from Day´s perspective. He is living together with a two years younger girl named Tess in the poor district “Lake”, an part of Los Angeles about hundred years in the future. Day is the most wanted criminal in his state, the “Republic”. But not because he is so dangerous, everything he does is stealing, since he escaped from a place where he should be killed, because. Only, because he is the only person in the whole state, whose fingerprint isn´t registered. Days mother thinks he is dead, but he is watching them on time a week, because in the “Lake sector” a pest is going around. Soldiers are going around and testing the people in their houses. If they are infected they mark the door with a large “X” and no one will enter or leave this house. Day’s largest fury is that the door of his family will be marked.  

Now Day is sitting hidden in a building, watching the house of his family, while the soldiers go around. His family is very poor, because of the large test, every person in the Republic hast to do in the age of ten.  1500 points are the highest. Only on girl scored yet. From this score, down two 1000, you get into the part of the society, where many people with same scores live. From 1000 to 1250 you have to live in the poor sectors, like Day´s family does. But Day scored less than 700. Children like him are officially going to a labour camp. But what nobody knows is, that these children never arrive there. They get killed.  

Finally, the soldiers arrive at the house, Day´s family lives in. Normally they need ten minutes for checking a family But at Day´s family it is different. They need more than an hour. And when they come out, they mark the door with an “X”, but then something stranger happens. They mark it with one more line, separating the “X” in two halves.